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Making the world fitter, healthier and more energised – in a fun and sustainable way. 

That’s GymWolfPT’s promise!  It’s a big claim – and it’s a one over 1,000 successfully coached clients can vouch for already!

Ian Worthington’s passion has always been health & fitness.  But having spent 23 years in a corporate role he knows it’s not that easy.  There’s lots of barriers that work, family and life in general puts in the way, preventing us from attaining our best selves. 

And that’s why he created GymWolfPT.

GymWolfPT provide personal training totally tailored to you – to your goals, your experience, your requirements – and your schedule!  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ mentality here.  Whether you prefer working out in the gym, at home or both – and whether you have exercise equipment available or not – your plan will take it all into account.  The plan gets updated alongside your needs as you progress.  And it’s all online so you can access it 24/7 totally around your lifestyle!

GymWolfPT is a different type of personal training.  They understand the barriers for busy professional people.  And they smash through them!  They listen to your needs – and plan based on them.  And they are results driven.  But they don’t want to just get you to your goal – they want to make sure you stay there!  That’s why their plans incorporate both your training and nutrition needs – again all tailored to you.

Right now Ian is looking for 3 men and 3 women ready to transform their body and health – and skyrocket their confidence – all within the next 12 weeks.  Does that sound like you?

GymWolfPT boasts a 5* Google review rating and was named by Origym as one of the top 17 online personal trainers in the world!  Their range of packages include a 12 week transformation plan, monthly or annual subscriptions and more.  They also offer 1-2-1 PT sessions and corporate packages.

If you want to transform your health, your fitness and your life – get in touch with GymWolfPT now and start seeing results!

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