Harlequins is a welcoming hub for lovers of all sorts of games – including Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Digimon, Warhammer, Legion, X-wing, Dungeons & Dragons and much much more!

Located just 5 minutes’ walk from Preston’s bus station, Harlequins offers the opportunity to play games in store, as well as taking part in in-store tournaments and championships.  Priding themselves on fair pricing, their product range covers all the games above, as well as individual cards so you can perfect your pack.  With a wealth of knowledge on hand from the team, they welcome seasoned players and novices alike – anyone who wants to make new friends and join a community of like-minded individuals.

Established over 10 years ago, Harlequins is a family run business and was set up by people with a passion for gaming, for people with a passion for gaming.  The team includes:

Pagan – the Resident Judge and website boffin for Magic – very knowledgeable on the rules and how to tweak your deck

Pete – Warhammer guru! Can teach you how to build, paint and play the table top game

Matthew & Howard – love Trading Card Games and can teach you how to play

Daniel – the owner – can teach you how to play a whole range of games

Harelquins is open from 4pm until midnight Monday-Friday and 12-8pm Saturday and Sunday.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for regular updates on what’s on and what’s new!

52 Manchester Road, Preston, PR1 3YH


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