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The outsourced sales solution for start up drink’s brands with great potential!


Setting up your own company can be a massively exciting time.  You started with an idea. You’ve developed it into an incredible product!  You’re getting great feedback!  


You know people will love it – if they just knew about it…  And that’s where you need a Guru!


Over his time in the industry, Sale Gurus founder David Rose noticed something was happening time and time again – that small brands with great products and fantastic potential just weren’t achieving the successes they deserved.  And this wasn’t something he was happy about!  He started looking into the reasons and found it usually came down to the companies lacking one – or both – of 2 specific elements – the necessary connections within the industry and/or a professional sales presence. 


So he set up Sale Gurus – to provide the solution to both! 

… and to resolve once and for all us (him) missing out on accessing these great products…


Established in 2020, David and the team boast 30+ years’ experience of working in senior sales roles within the food and drinks industry.  They’ve already delivered large scale listings for their brand partners in some of the most influential on trade bar groups in the UK – getting results in under 6 months of working with some of them!


Representing all types of drinks brands from wines to spirits to soft drinks, their strategy is to achieve listings, grow product sales and increase market share for their drinks partners.  With clients already attesting to their success, it sounds like Sale Gurus are the secret ingredient all new drinks brands need!


Sale Gurus are currently offering a free consultation for any drinks brand who contact them before the end of March 22 – book yours now:






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